Financial Services & Banking

Financial and banking institutions require counsel that can provide a high level of service in a variety of areas. At VLK Law, we pride ourselves in providing just that. We pride ourselves in providing our clients a high level of attention and detail in drafting and reviewing a variety of loan documentation, including asset-based lending, traditional commercial lending, mezzanine lending, equity lending, family office lending, commercial real estate lending, and other financing avenues. Additionally, we assist our clientele on problem loan workouts, including, if necessary, litigation with problem customers. Our attorneys have extensive experience in bank litigation, including foreclosures. Our attorneys at VLK Law make themselves available to our financial institution clients in all other aspects of operating the financial institution, from advising clients on responding to citation procedures to advising on internal control measures utilized by the financial institution. We recognize that financial institutions are involved in a dynamic, demanding and constantly changing industry, and we are committed to providing responsive and efficient services to our clients.


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